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    HYDRA to Launch within 24 Hours


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    HYDRA to Launch within 24 Hours

    Post by McTricycle on Tue Jun 09, 2015 8:55 am

    SHIELD family-

    Our numbers are huge and our clan is strong. It is time for our numbers to grow. The SHIELD family is about to have it's first baby. I asked Director Fury for permission to start a new clan, and he has directed me to infiltrate HYDRA. All agents willing to undertake this risky assignment are welcome.

    I will post more details soon, but the general idea is the clan will be exactly the same as S.H.I.E.L.D, relaxed adult gameplay is the goal. The only difference will be that war is always on in HYDRA (they are looking to take over the world after all, and if our agents are going to penetrate their organization under cover, we need to play along).

    I will launch it before the end of this battle day, and if enough members come in we'll launch war right as SHIELD's current war ends. Please make sure to get in your attacks for SHIELD before moving to HYDRA.

    Again, both clans will report to Director Fury. He is an excellent leader and has built this organization from scratch. Once HYDRA is healthy, he may order the creation of further clans to grow the SHIELD clan family.

    As good as his clan is, who knows, one day we may rival the Quantum family, but this is step one. HYDRA is SHIELD with constant war.

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