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    Clan war strategy



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    Clan war strategy

    Post by Phobos on Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:35 pm

    It is hard to get in depth in clan chat.  I agree with director fury we need a new strategy in war while trying to maintain the relaxed format of our still great clan.

    We have come a long way from having 2 th 9s a few 8s and bunch of th7s.  We had a lot of luck with 30 deep wars and had great participation.  With many members moving up to next th level I have noticed some things.

    1) we still defend well but are outmatched offensively in most wars.
    - I would suggest army camps and clan castles max for your given th level to help provide the firepower needed in wars.

    2) Giant attacks do not work
    - I know there are strategies mentioned in forums I have not see. A successful giant attack yet.  They die far to quickly and are victims of spring traps at an alarming rate.  Unless it is a single giant to lure war clan castle troops I would recommend not using them in any capacity for a war attack.

    3) dragon attacks will never get 3 stars at th9.
    - As director fury mentioned we should all be constantly developing our war strategy and attempt to design an attack based on weaknesses that may be exploited on given target.

    4) if you use a specific troop for your war attacks you should work to upgrade them to the max available at your level.
    - If you feel comfortable with a specific strategy get that troop maxed to provide best chance for stars.

    5) Heros are game changers
    - many of our recent mismatches are highlighted by opponents high hero levels.  These provide both offensive and defensive ability. Not a cheap upgrade but worth it.

    6)  th 9 golems are critical to amost every successful attack strategy (minus hogs)
    - using golems as shield allows high damage troops to work their magic and soak up the damage allowing successful attacks.  IF your war cc is at 30 a max level golem is a huge help in any th9 attack.

    7) watch successful attacks by both members and opponents for ideas on attacking.  As members have said before YouTube and supercell forums are invaluable too.
    - it is not stealing if you copy a successful attack Wink it is imitation and it is the sincerest form of flattery.  I blatently copied phil's base design for my magneto account and it works great protecting my hard earned loot.  Feel free to copy any successful member or opponent attack!

    Cool. We all want to have fun.  
    - it is easier to have fun when we are winning, but if we are making visable progress as a clan that will get us to the promised land too.  If your schedule allows getting in some raids allows you to have the resources to improve your account.  I would suggest focusing on offensive abilities (troop levels, army camps, etc. to improve attacking abilities as that supposedly has a smaller impact on war matching than upgrading defenses.

    9). If you raid a lot request cc troops!  
    - if you are putting in the time to raid ask for troops!  That is one of the major benefits of being in a clan!

    10) ALWAYS ask for clan troops in war.  BE SPECIFIC.
    - put 'war' in the request and ask for a specific troop and level...I.e.  Pekka level 4+, max dragon, etc.  

    Lastly, If you try your best with a good war army no elder or leader/co-leader will ever criticize you.  You may get some tips or advice but I have never been upset or frustrated with a good army composition or strategy that goes sideways or with a member trying new attack strategies. Attacking without cc troops on the other hand drives me crazy bounce

    I appreciate anyone who takes time to read my thoughts.  Feel free to add comments or reply or put your own thoughts/ideas etc. in this thread or any forum post.

    Clash on, and long live S.H.I.E.L.D.!
    Phil Coulson

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    Re: Clan war strategy

    Post by Phil Coulson on Fri Nov 06, 2015 2:21 pm

    Agreed!! Sorry just saw this.

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